Desktop Linux columns

Linux at Home

These columns represent a non technical attempt to present the risks and rewards associated with the decision to use Linux at home.

The "hook" here is that each issue looks at one aspect of the Linux-at-home decision from a personal perspective. That's different from most Linux commentary in two very fundamental ways:

  1. it's not about the about the Linux phenomenon; and,
  2. it's not about business decisions or server implementations.

The cycle was first published on

The cycle started on February 20th, 2003 and consisted of:

  1. Linux? I look like a geek to you?
  2. Linux? I bring office documents home to work on.
  3. Linux? I need my office email and calendaring.
  4. Linux? I let my kids use the PC
  5. Linux? I use my PC to learn.
  6. Linux? I keep the books for my local bike gang.
  7. Linux? I still use my two year old clunker.