Linux World Articles

There will eventually be eight of these. Please do not reprint or otherwise republish any of them without permission from but feel free to distribute one or two copies to friends ... provided that you mention as the source for them.

Note that the archive did not survive its move from IDG to another company. As a result many of the "as published" links are now broken.

  1. Strategic Comparison: Unix with Smart Displays versus Windows Client Server
  2. Making the case for Unix at Whackabilly Toy Inc.
  3. Impress Recruiting - Freeing developers from Windows Costs
  4. SafetyJet International - Things only Unix can do
  5. The Happy Valley Tax Authority- Where Unix is a four letter word
  6. Ann Andersen Printing - Betting on Linux in the face of industry-wide change
  7. Cutter Mills: Unix and the politics of generational conflict in a mid size business
  8. Summary: A multi perspective review of TCO issues and answers as discussed in this series

Please see for other articles including my piece on taking a Mac user to lunch.

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