Business Information Technology

I'm currently re-inventing all three books with an eye to release later this fall. Meanwhile:

From the working draft:

The book will be available as either a PDF or a paperpack. It's copyrighted but unlocked. Please don't abuse the privilege.

BIT is aimed at the non technical decision maker - people like accountants, financial analysts, or production managers who find themselves facing IT (information technology) decisions but don't want to become IT professionals.

This is not a book on how to use computers. You cannot use it to learn how to use an application or build your own hardware. IT decision making is about people first, technologies second.

BIT is a field guide to the people who implement and support business information systems. It will help readers learn the language used by IT professionals, what things cost, and how they work but all of that's really incidental to the main purpose: to help the reader understand what certainties drive various professional groups within IT and how those certainties affect their own perceptions and thus the decisions they urge others to take.

Most fundamentally BIT is intended to equip the non technical reader to make IT decisions - to choose between Dick and Jane, proponents of alternative IT visions or projects.