The Unix Guide to Defenestration

I'm currently re-inventing all three books with an eye to release later this fall. Meanwhile:

From the 3rd edition:


The next edition will be available as either a PDF or in paperback. It's copyrighted but unlocked. Please don't abuse the privilege.

Data center defenestration is about throwing out what doesn't work and putting in what does. At the grunt level that means using Unix, using smart displays, building strong teams, and having the courage to make and execute real decisions while working directly with users. At the leadership level that means freeing yourself from firefighting by adopting systems that work, empowering your people to work with directly users, focusing on service delivery, and running interference for your sysadmins while they get the actual job done.

This book is my best effort at telling you, whether you are a CIO or a sysadmin, how to do it.