Some articles of which I'm especially proud.

Please do not reprint or otherwise republish any of them without permission, but feel free to distribute one or two copies to friends ... provided that you mention as the source for them.

NOTE: Older articles may no longer be available on their "as published" sites.

  1. Is using less energy green? As written
    As published on zdnet September 14, 2007

  2. The necessary Unity of Unix As written
    As published on zdnet Jul 26 2005

  3. The importance of Linux As written
    As published on CIO_today Mar 4/05

  4. Eight IT Textbooks, 4,031 Pages, 17 Mentions of Linux as written
    As published on Linuxinsider Apr 2/04

  5. Home Linux Series (Written for the February 2003 Desktop Linux conference)

  6. The Happy Valley Tax Authority- Where Unix is a four letter word As written
    As Published on Linuxworld, Jan 21, 2002.

  7. Captain Cyborg and the Problem of Evil (on Zdnet Dec 16/05)