Comments from buyers...

The fine print: yes, I get the other kind too...but is this editorial freedom to omit great or what? Actually, I've had no substantially negative response (but many spelling/CapitALization corrections and one factual correction) from readers literate enough to string together a meaningful sentence.

Here's some sample reader comment:

  1. Excellent, practical advice on how to get the cost out of IT Operations. Your wealth of real-world experience is evident with your insightful comments. 20 Something Years Experience in IT show up well.

  2. If my boss had read this before we got into SAP; I'd still have a job and so would he

  3. Thirty dollars that will save your company thousands

  4. An original contribution to the inquiry into the underwhelming performance of the IT practitioners, with manichean but practical prescriptions on how to rise above it.

  5. It is unfortunate that the very executives that need to be exposed to the central argument of this book might be deterred by its (somewhat technical) title

  6. Whether you like it or not, every IT executive and consultant should add this perspective (Murph's) to their analytical arsenal

  7. A joycean stream of conciousness on how to avoid the Marne-like trenches of IT. In 1918 Marne, after four years and a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, the armies were still, literally, exactly where they had started. [As comments go this one's a personal fav rave! - Murph.]

  8. This book should have been titled " IT Senior Management for Dummies"; spend the thirty bucks and give the book to your boss!

  9. Don't let the "UNIX" in the title make you pass (ignore) this book. Read the first chapter, skim-read the rest if you like, but don't miss this passionate tome on why and how to deliver sytems that meet the expectations of consumers.

I don't know who wrote this one but I thought it pretty fair.