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If you were a Unix, what would you be?

Ok, I was bored and the only reading material in sight was a glossy "major market" Woman's magazine with a stunning cover, roughly the intellectual depth of a road stain, and some photos inside that would qualify as porn in any other venue.

On the other hand it had a fun quiz along the lines of "If HE were a vegetable, what would HE be?"

I tried to make myself come out as a yellow zuccini, but apparently horse radish is more like it - oh well, at least it gave me an idea for today's blog.

What one word most describes your perception of each major Unix variant you've worked with?

For me:

Dumb game, huh? I thought so too, but it's harder than it looks and more interesting too - notice, for example, that the first words I thought of all describe Unix in terms of people and emotional states, not software and machine states.

Paul Murphy wrote and published The Unix Guide to Defenestration. Murphy is a 25-year veteran of the I.T. consulting industry, specializing in Unix and Unix-related management issues.