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A paragraph about Cell

A Forbes article last week by Daniel Lyons under the title Holy Chip! included this paragraph about an IBM cell processor demo:

An IBM demo shows the contrast. A terrain rendering program lets you fly over Mount Rainier at 1,300mph. Cell crunches through millions of lines of topographical and photographic data per second to paint topographically accurate, photo-quality pictures at a movie-quality 30 frames per second. On a similar program a Pentium takes more than two minutes to sketch a single frame.

The article is worth reading, that paragraph above is worth reading again. Think about what this thing is going to do when applied in engineering or architectural design, bio-research, and chemical modelling.

Paul Murphy wrote and published The Unix Guide to Defenestration. Murphy is a 25-year veteran of the I.T. consulting industry, specializing in Unix and Unix-related management issues.