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Apple's iPhone


I want one ..now.

This really is breakthrough packaging: bringing together MacOS X - including Safari on a phone! - with telecom and entertainment - and all for $499 or $599 depending on whether you want 4GB or 8GB of storage. The screen looks great, the touch interface is just what I wanted, and the clean design reflects the best of Apple.

If this thing doesn't become a bigger success than the iPod, then really, something's gone badly wrong with the world.

Way to go Apple!

But, you know, I can't help but wonder about two issues (especially given that my next three daily blogs, written last Sunday) look a little down on Apple):

First, is Apple Inc. still a computer company?

I think it is; in fact, I've said for sometime that the playphone would replace the PC for communications and entertainment as soon as someone made a good one - and this is probably a good one.

Second: what's the processor in the thing?

Apple's tech specs page for it says everything else, but not that.

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