% The Flaming Right by paul murphy

Prosecuting Al Gore for crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity are the business of the world court currently constituted under the 2002 treaty of Rome.

Although the treaty incorporates several definitions of what constitutes a crime against humanity the reality is that rules on what is, or is not, a crime against humanity are politically determined and correspondingly highly flexible. Thus Obama communications director Anita Dunn considers perhaps forty million Chinese and Tibetan deaths (and the subjugation of a billion humans) mere collateral damage in Mao's great social experiment - while the President's mentor, Bill Ayers, exonerates Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, and Kim il Sung on the same grounds.

In principle, however, the "crimes against humanity" charge can be brought if:

If it can be proven that the alleged crime has been committed and falls under the jurisdiction of the world court, the elements of proof require either public acknowledgement of guilt by those accused or:

In Mr. Gore's case:

Mr. Gore's first line of defence will be that no crime has been committed and that, in any case, the World Court would have no jurisdiction. Both of these are political defences: if the current world wide cooling significantly affects crops in 2012/13 and two billion people die from starvation and civil disruption, those defences will fail.

In his legal defence Mr. Gore can be expected to argue necessity: basically that the deaths are due to economic dislocation incident on saving the rest of humanity from the horrors of global warming and worldwide energy resource depletion. Unfortunately for that defence, however:

Since this situation speaks for itself: the harm has been done and he's clearly the leader and chief beneficiary among those who did it; the conclusion is inescapable: if brought to trial on crimes against humanity, Mr. Gore would surely be convicted.

And one more thing: if the present solar minimum does signal sufficient global cooling to significantly affect worldwide food production next year, history may eventually credit Mr. Gore with more than two billion deaths - ten times the direct totals achieved by all of the left's favorite facists together.

Paul Murphy, a Canadian, wrote and published The Unix Guide to Defenestration. Murphy is a 25-year veteran of the I.T. consulting industry, specializing in Unix and Unix-related management issues.