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2010 Protests: or, why I quit the wildrose party

Fri Jun 11 15:52:18 MST 2010

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Scope for action

Added: Sun Nov 28 08:37:25 MST 2010

As far as I know the reversal of power in the party, from bottom up to top down, is irreversible except through court action - or, of course, through the gradual decay and dissolution of the party over time.

The legal action required would be a petition to the court to have the decisions arrived at during the 2010 annual meeting set aside on the grounds that:

Proving these assertions is trivial.

Proving harm is harder, but the first grass roots candidate losing a nomination to a party endorsed candidate will reasonably be able to assert personal loss - and reasonably claim to be acting on behalf of the vast majority of party members because they were not consulted as their constitutional rights to direct policy, elect an executive, and select nominees were taken away.