On the 2022 UCP Leadership Race

It's January 2022 and Alberta is in trouble with premier Jason Kenney facing a rebellion from conservatives because he's unable to stand against his own red tories, the media, and the federal left. As a result Kenney is probably going to face a leadership vote in which everybody loses because neither he nor any of the insider contenders for his job have sufficient credibility with Albertans to overcome media support for their invisible but beloved NDP.


A note to Jason Kenny

Dear Mr. Kenney:

You're under attack from within your own party - and the other side's happily cheering these people on. So now what?

Reverse course: pull a Trump, tell the delusional to suck eggs, and get on with it.


Replacing the American Electoral Process

At present voting in the United States relies mainly on Microsoft's Windows technologies and depends on the movement of data between a total of over a million independently programmable machines via networks and human carried devices like usb drives and data cards. All of these things are vulnerable to fairly simple attacks that can be difficult to see, are almost impossible to prevent, and can significantly affect the vote count.

The Future of Education

The wisdom of the deplorables has a simple application to all levels of education except some trade and specialty schools: the system costs too much, doesn't adequately teach the basics, and is largely committed to enforcing political and cultural norms not generally shared by those who pay for it.


More on Covid-19

The first law of government is: "if it doesn't work, do more of it."

Shutdowns are counter-productive - so I expect we'll see a resurgence of this nonsense.

Masks spread the disease - so I expect to see increased demands for more and better masking.


The "TRUTH" about Covid enforced compliance

The truth is that the Chinese flu gun isn't loaded and the progressives using it to enforce compliance should be laughed off stage.

The headline "Meth Lab explosion adds two to Corona Death Toll" exaggerates, but there's more than a kernel of truth to it. The truth is that none of the numbers on offer from anybody can be trusted, the case stories on offer from the media appear hand picked to evoke a fear response, and acting on disinformation  generally leads to worse outcomes than not acting at all.

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